TwinJolly Change Machine

The TwinJolly Change Machine is an ideal machine where a large capacity of coin is required. It can hold approximately $6,400 in $1 coins. Exporting of accounting data via SD Card and can be read on any PC


  • Can change both notes and coin into coins or tokens
  • Floor standing
  • Ability to replace the coin acceptor with credit card
  • Has 2 universal type hoppers that allows the dispensing of 2 different denominations of coin or token or can dispense a single denomination of coin and a token, or both hoppers can be used to dispense the same coin or token.
  • Bonus function for tokens
  • Coins / tokens dispensed automatically or manually
  • LCD graphic display
  • The hopper can be refilled externally without accessing the cash compartment

Connection of peripherals via ccTalk

Available with or without a coin mechanism

Comes with an NV10 banknote reader (when using the coin acceptor) or NV9 (without the coin acceptor) and can accept $5, $10, $20, $50 and & $100 notes


  • 475 (D) x 1,450 (H) x 340 (W) mm


  • 72kg

Coin capacity approximately $3,200 in $1 coins