EMP 800 Series Electronic Coin Acceptors

The EMP800 series coin selectors can now be found in a wide variety of

applications from small office coffee machines, gaming and amusement machines, retail applications

and internet terminals to sophisticated battery operated ticket machines for outside operation.

Data sets for more than 95 different currencies are currently available.

32 Channels

10 Different interfaces – 6 parallel outputs, 2 price totaliser, parallel, binary coded outputs, 1 price

totaliser, timer, serial, ccTalk, MDB and USB.

Extremely fast 40 MHz low voltage micro processor.

Reliability: Due to the faster processing speed a considerable higher efficiency of coin recognition

rules can be achieved.

Modular Design: An extensive range of options allows the customer to choose the configuration that

best matches the requirements of the application. Ancillary products such as sorters, displays, power

supplies and bezels further compliment the range of coin acceptors