DTC6 Coin Sorter

The DTC6 is a heavy duty coin counter and sorter, with the ability to reject foreign and damaged coins. Built in strong metal and counts and sorts up to 600 coins per minute. Through the unique sensor technology the solution offers outstanding accuracy, combined with reliable functions.

The DTC6 counts and sorts up to 6 denominations of coin at a time plus has a drawer for rejected coins.

Operation Mode:

  • Counts 6 denominations of coin plus 1 reject tray

Counting Speed:

  • Up to 600 coins per minute


  • Touch screen and keypad

Power Consumption:

  • Working mode: 60W
  • Standby: 24W


  • 90~260V AC , 50/60Hz


  • 444 (H) x 508 (W) x 285 (D) mm


  • 22kg