The payment system for cashless purchases supplied in either MDB, Executive and Parallel protocol. It can manage any payment system equipped with any of these connections, however is a different device for each protocol.

It allows for the configuration of promotional campaigns and discounts, even based on time slots, to improve customer loyalty and increase sales.


  • The system is identified by 3 codes which represent the manager, rental and the machine onto which it is installed. Security is guaranteed by the verifications which the block performs on each key before dispensing, making sure that it contains the proper reference codes.
  • The manager is not required to perform any pre-encoding operations because the keys take the block's identification codes upon their first insertion.
  • Programming can be carried out directly on-site on the host machine by means of a PC, Programmer or special configuration key.
  • Configuration possibilities: maximum value to be charged on the key, keys for free sales, maintenance keys, black list (list of keys which have been lost and therefore deactivated)
  • Installation: it can even be installed on the back panel of existing applications that are not pre-set, using the front plate, which requires 4 small holes.
  • Extremely robust, compact, wear resistant and waterproof keys.


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